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Car rental

The instant way to rent a car
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Avanti  car rental – is a family owned company, which holds the service issue as a guiding principle.

The company specializes in all types of car rental and leasing. The company allows 24 hours a day booking. Our cars fleet is a top of the line fleet fully equipped with new cars and in excellent maintenance mode. The company customers enjoy a perfect package that includes: 24 hour a day human response and customer service, car wash service, option for renting GPS devices, safety seat rental options and much more. The company owners see service as a key factor in their activity which will be evidenced by returning and regular clients in the company's customer's database.

Join Avanti's clients so that you too can enjoy our special service.

What you should know before renting a car

Imagine being able to enjoy all the benefits of owning a car – immediate availability, being able to move from one place to another easily, choosing how and when you can leave or go without having to deal with the shortcomings. Among the many disadvantages you can find the gas prices that are steadily on the rise, never ending insurance costs, compulsory insurance, third party insurance and what not. That's without mentioning the never ending search for a parking space and normal car wear. You will probably find it surprising that car rental is not just for tourists.

Car rental – how does it work?

Car rental is not a complicated procedure. However, it is important to remember that some of the car rental companies adopt age limits when taking under consideration the car renter's age. Some of the car rental companies even avoid of renting a car for young drivers who are in their early 20's, however there are always exceptions. For example, if a twenty three years old driver would want to rent a car and he has a 5 years' experience with driving a car, his application will be considered individually. By the way, the age factor plays a big role and some of the companies even limit the car type of age groups, for that matter – young 26 years old drivers will be able to rent a fairly small car.

Car rental related costs

Car rental cost may vary if a second driver is meant to drive the car. The more people allowed to drive the car, affect the insurance price accordingly. Extras like GPS with a built-in navigation or the possibility of charging the mobile device via the vehicle may also affect the price. In order to protect themselves, car companies require a cash deposit in advance, they also request the credit card details as well as signing a contract, as required.

Who can use car rental services?

Anyone who does not drive on a daily basis will find that car rental is an ideal solution for him. For example, work at home people or people that use public transportation or walk to work since it's a short walking distance. Even people who use special taxi services might find themselves paying enormous amounts of money when it comes to driving an hour or more. In this case a car rental will cost less and serve their needs optimally.
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