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The car owners among us probably know how important it is now days to be mobile, especially for families with children, shopping, running errands etc.  So generally car sale would normally be done in order to upgrade and move on to a newer, better car, rather than selling it and staying with no car at all.


Before a car sale, there are several things that are important for us to know. First of all, you should really inspect the car before you run an ad in order to maintain the car's condition and thus not drop on the car's price. If the car will mechanically sound, it would be easier for the whole car sale process and will allow us to get a good value out of the deal. The fact that the car has run the yearly inspection (test) will also reduce some burden off the buyers shoulder since there is one less thing to deal with on his behalf. Make sure to put your mind into things like that since it will help the car sale by making it quicker and thus allowing you to advance to a better car more quickly.

The most important thing for us to know as clients is our needs. This means that it is important to match the car to the person driving it: does the driver prefer regular or automatic transmission? Will the car be used mainly for driving in the city or elsewhere? Do we need special accessories in the vehicle (for infants and children for example)? And so on.


Many companies will offer you a wide variety of cars to choose from. All you have to do is come down to one of their service centers and choose one. it is advised of course that you do a market survey beforehand in order to know to which car to aim for, what brand and year, horsepower and all the other important parameters.

The same companies will offer you cars that were already inspected thoroughly, which will save you a lot of money. To make you feel that you are buying a new car, the car will not only be cleaned thoroughly and run different inspections; the seats will also be plastic wrapped.

A car sale with the best companies will be conducted by experienced professionals who specialize in all aspects of the vehicle, and will be able to answer each and every question you might have, and the best ones will also know how to make the necessary comparisons between one model to another.

To summarize, it is important to know a lot of things before selling and buying a new car. There are a bunch of good website and forums over the net which will help you prepare yourself towards your car sale and buying a new one in an easy and risk-free way.

Avanti offers for sale a wide variety of first hand vehicles at attractive prices and in very convenient payment terms. There is also an option to purchase leased and rental cars.

We offer financing options and special offers. A limited time offer: buy a car and receive a GPS kit for FREE!!

All of our cars are maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions, and include a one year warranty.

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